Has Evidence Based Medicine Been Hijacked?


John Ioannidis claims that the idea of evidence based medicine has been “hijacked to serve agendas different from what it was originally aimed for,” in a newly published critical essay in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Ioannidis frames the essay as a continuation of a conversation with David Sackett, widely considered the founder of evidence based medicine (EBM).

John Ioannidis
Stanford’s John Ioannidis, one of the most frequently cited scientists worldwide, writes that evidence-based medicine has been “hijacked” by industry.

Ioannidis writes:

“Now that EBM and its major tools, randomized trials and meta-analyses, have become highly respected, the EBM movement has been hijacked. Even its proponents suspect that something is wrong. The industry runs a large share of the most influential randomized trials. They do them very well, they score better on ‘‘quality’’ checklists, and they are more prompt than nonindustry trials to post or publish results. It is just that they often ask the wrong questions with the wrong short-term surrogate outcomes, the wrong analyses, the wrong criteria for success (e.g., large margins for noninferiority), and the wrong inferences, but who cares about these minor glitches?”

In an interview with Retraction Watch following the essays publication, Ioannidis adds:

“As I describe in the paper, ‘evidence-based medicine’ has become a very common term that is misused and abused by eminence-based experts and conflicted stakeholders who want to support their views and their products, without caring much about the integrity, transparency, and unbiasedness of science.”

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Ioannidis, J.P., 2016. Evidence-based medicine has been hijacked: a report to David Sackett. Journal of clinical epidemiology.(Abstract)


  1. Absolutely, evidence based medicine has been highjacked. And it strikes me, this entire country has been highjacked, by the ‘globalist’ “central banks and corporations that will grow up around them,” that Thomas Jefferson forewarned this country about two hundred years ago. And how bizarre, I’m no longer the only one who knew in my gut there was something grotesquely wrong about 9.11.2001. I am no longer the only one yelling at Greenspan for spanning the green. Hope Yellen is better able to hear my yellin’. I am no longer the only one who sees that terrorizing people, as a method of rule, is done by illegitimate and undeserving leaders.

    I grew up in a supposedly Christian / Judeo country, where I was taught the golden rule, the importance of treating others as you’d like to be treated. Most religions have this same rule. But now that this country has been taken over by the wrong people, what some call the ‘psychiatric police state,’ one can no longer have respect for today’s fiscally irresponsible bankers, one can no longer trust their doctors, “the judges have been bought out,” the mainstream religions have filled their ranks with child molesters, etc., etc. Gosh, bin Laden was right, God did have a reason to be pissed at some of the Americans on 9.11.2001, after all. And certainly, not just because the granddaughter of the head of the investment committee of the board of pensions for the ELCA religion was unjustly denied a baptism on that morning, so a pastor could cover up child abuse. And how sad, to read how seemingly depressed the ethical scientists are, due to their harassment, by those worshiping the almighty dollar alone.

    Now that those in the formerly “respectable” professions, are no longer respectable and trustworthy, who are we to respect or trust? For me it’s God, but I don’t know what those who don’t believe in Him do. Love is the answer, not hate, defamation and torturing innocents with imaginary and iatrogenic, but claimed to be “genetic,” diseases.

    Countries that have placed their trust in psychiatry have historically always lost. How low will the US go? How many times will humanity allow the central bankers and their psychiatric minions to repeat history, with the same old games, before humanity wakes up to the evil crimes of the European bankers who are making up money out of thin air, loaning it out to countries at interest, and destroying country after country with their usury and thievery? Which is unconstitutional in the US, by the way. At least lots of others are starting to wake up, too. But God help the decent, we need it.

    Do the US psychiatrists even know that the only reason, historically, they are ever given respect and free rein in a country, is to divide and conquer that country for the central bankers? Now they do. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But how many times? “Seventy times seven” is not infinity, far from it. And is that days, weeks, months, years, or lifetimes? The world will hopefully, some day, know. And Jesus did also say he’d be back for the final judgement. And it does strike me, those not intelligent enough to learn to live by one simple rule, the golden rule, will be those not judged worthy. But that’s just the opinion of one who is supposed to be a “judge,” according to 40 hours of unbiased psychological career testing, who does also believe justice is brought about in God’s time, not in any human’s.

    Defame, torture, and try to murder all those who believe God has called them to speak out against the injustices, is the psychiatric industry’s mantra and MO. But what if the bio-psychiatrists are wrong, as the medical evidence suggests, and the Jungian’s theories have more scientific validity? As well as the physicists’?

    I’m quite certain propagandizing the validity of scientifically invalid “mental illnesses” is just as evil of a venture in America today, and it was in pre-WWII Germany.

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  2. No surprise. The rationale behind so-called evidence-based medicine was never tested to see if it actually did what it was supposed to- the meta-analyses are dependent on how they’re set up and the placebo controlled drug tests were never (and still haven’t been) examined for validity, as you’re apparently supposed to have superstitious faith in their infallibility.

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