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So Long, Pill Mill: A Letter to My Former Patients and...

I love being a psych nurse practitioner, and I never want to feel that my only role is pushing pills. The private practice I started is my effort to move away from this dysfunctional system.

Current Immigration Policies Create Mental Health Vulnerabilities for Families

Researchers investigate the impact of immigration policies on the mental health of arriving Mexican and Central American immigrants.

Psychologists Respond to Mental Health Crisis at the Border

FromĀ The American Psychological Association PsycIQ: "When three women who had been forcibly separated from their children by immigration officials filed a lawsuit on June...

Targeting Hypocrisy Reduces Islamophobia and Collective Blame of Muslims

Interventions calling attention to participantsā€™ hypocrisy proved effective in reducing Islamophobia and collective blame of Muslims for individual acts of violence.