“ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and the DSM: A Need for Uncertainty?”


Claudia M. Gold, a psychiatrist who writes for the Boston Globe, takes on The New Republic‘s article ADHD Does Not Exist, which, she says, “replaces one treatment of symptoms without determining the underlying cause with another treatment of symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.”

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  1. Thank you Kermit for posting this antidote to the grossly misleading and bogus author of the “ADHD Does Not Exist” con job by the fraud pushing bipolar instead and its related lethal, useless drugs. This is even worse than the ADHD Fraud exposed by Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologist, in his book ADHD FRAUD and many articles exposing the junk science of both ADHD and bipolar “sicked” on children and toddlers no less. This sure shows our nation as a whole has lost it moral compass completely.

    I am glad to see that Dr. Gold has been speaking out more and more against this fraud in her articles as she increasingly applies more common sense and humanity regarding the acting out communications of children to convey their suffering and angst in our increasingly dysfunctional world thanks to those like narcissistic/psychopathic biopsychiatrists in bed with Big Pharma/Business. I say that because how could anyone with a conscience prey on children with life destroying stigmas and lethal, useless drugs in the guise of medicine for their own ill gotten power, wealth, status and sadistic tendencies?

    Her focus on Nazis using eugenics to prey on Jews and others as scapegoats and to justify theft of all their wealth and possessions is all too appropriate of a comparison when considering the same psychopathic Nazi psychiatrists that continue to push their same eugenics lies today to continue to hijack the globe and individuals’ health, wealth and very survival with much agony inflicted in this evil process.

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    • Thank goodness for her taking a stand against the nonsense and stupidity.

      And we all know by now who introduced the Nazis to the use of gas chambers and the ovens. Yes, good ol’ German psychiatrists. The gas chambers and ovens were German psychiatry’s answer to all the “useless eaters,” as the so-called “mentally ill” were referred to.

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  2. “Statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that when a parent or sibling has bipolar disorder, a child is up to six times more likely to develop the illness.”

    And how many times more likely is it for a child to diagnosed with the bogus bipolar disorder when another family member has already been diagnosed with this bogus disorder? That doesn’t make it any more real than the Witchcraft Hysteria.

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  3. When I was diagnosed with manic depression, as bipolar disorder was called in 1976, my “treating” psychiatrist suggested a book for me and my family to read, “Moodswing” by Dr. Ronald Fieve.

    In the book, Dr. Fieve relates the story of one of his patients, a successful Madison Avenue advertising executive. Now this man was already Dr. Fieve’s patient, had received his diagnosis of manic depression and was no doubt taking or in withdrawal from one or more of Fieve’s “medications”.

    One morning, the ad man awoke at 4AM, filled with boundless energy and creative ideas. He felt that he had surely discovered some of the profound secrets of life. He spent the early morning hours writing down his thoughts and then telephoned his business associates and his many contacts in the media, He called a press conference for 12 Noon and reserved a reception room at a 5th Avenue hotel. He told everyone that he had a momentous announcement to make, and because of his reputation, he was taken quite seriously.

    Shortly before noon, he went to his bank and withdrew $50,000 in small bills which he placed in a large shopping bag. Then he went to Central Park and hired a horse and carriage, directing the driver to take him down 5th Avenue to the hotel several blocks away.

    He then began to throw money to people in the street along the way. Soon he had a huge following and attracted the attention of the police, but the police did nothing to stop him and instead chased down the bills blowing in the wind. A major traffic jam resulted and the ad man had to leave his carriage and continue on foot to the hotel with his big bag of cash.

    At the hotel, he went straight to the reception room, where his business associates and news reporters were waiting. He ascended the podium and began to address crowd, but at the same time started to throw them bills from his bag.

    No record of his announcement exists. No notes were taken, recordings or photographs made by the reporters. They were all on the floor scrambling for the money with the audience.

    One of the ad man’s close friends who was there, immediately called Dr. Fieve and soon men in white coats arrived and took the mad ad man into custody.

    When I read that, I thought “Wow, for the small sum of $50,000, and in only a few minutes, that ad man gained insight into the human condition that he could not have obtained from years of study leading to advanced degrees from prestigious universities.” Needless to say, my doctor did not appreciate my interpretation of the story.

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  4. Dr. Gold points out the psychiatric industry’s insane obsession with misdiagnosing the adverse effects of ADHD drugs as bipolar, without actually confessing that the ADHD drugs (and antidepressants) can CAUSE the bipolar symptoms. Or that such medical rediagnoses are actually malpractice (according to the DSM-IV-TR).

    She continues on to point out psychiatry’s shift away from their awe-inspiringly mindless belief system that all human problems are the “brain diseases” listed in their holy DSM, and are caused by “chemical imbalances.” How an entire industry could go off believing such an illogical delusion is staggering. And it was maddening from a patient perspective, as someone who was unaware of the psychiatric industry’s mass and ridulous delusions of grandeur.

    I originally went to a therapist trying to overcome my concerns and denial of the abuse of my child. I tried to discuss such concerns with, I think, about six “psychiatric professionals,” in total. All of whom were writing in my medical records that my real life problems were a “credible fictional story.” And they believed I had “chemical imbalances” in my brain. I had “bipolar,” “a life long incurable genetic mental illness,” cured by their drugs, despite no prior personal or family history of mental health issues.

    Their drugs were nothing but “Foul ups,” and eventually the decent doctors and nurses in my PCP’s practice finally handed over my family’s medical records, likely because they became disgusted by my PCP’s overseeing of my being poisoned via anticholinergic intoxication. And one does overcome denial of alleged sodomy of one’s child, when one is handed over the medical evidence of an “inflamed anus.”

    But even the next three “psychiatric practitioners” could not overcome their “odd delusions” that all life’s problems were DSM disorders that required their drugs for life. They couldn’t comprehend that their antipsychotics were not beneficial and mandatory. It was not until I quoted my oral surgeon to my last psychiatrist, “Concerns of child abuse are not cured with antipsychotics,” that the moron actually woke up enough to wean me off his GD antipsychotics. I’m pretty certain today’s psychiatric industry is filled with some of the dumbest and most unethical people to have ever walked this planet.

    So finally Dr. Gold brings up “The Dangers of Certainty,” with what I’m quite certain is an appropriate analogy between today’s staggeringly disrespectful, completely mindless, criminal, and deadly psychiatric industry and the Nazi’s.

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