“Not a Peep”: 1BoringOldMan Uncrosses His Fingers


Having had an open letter on his website linked through a pair of crossed fingers on his website for some time, 1BoringOldMan gives up on hoping that the APA will meaningfully address an episode of “active deceit” involving Robert Gibbons, David Kupfer, and the DSM-5 task force.

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  1. How can I put this…..it seems to me that the APA is lacking in any kind of ethical oversight of its members. But, as one commentor has already pointed out; we already knew this. And yet, they’re alloed to run amock in any way that they want to do. It’s all pretty disgusting. How do any of them keep a straight face when they stand up and swear the Hippocratic Oath, of which the first rule is “First Do No Harm?” How do they look at themselves in the mirror each and every morning?

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  2. Well, Stephen, at least we now know Jesus was correct when he said not all would deserve to be written in the book of life. I used to believe Jesus should try to save everyone. But now we know who the unrepentant hypocrites, that Dante said belonged in the lowest depths of hell, are. And that Jesus was right, not all will deserve eternal life.

    I have a theory that the psychiatric profession believes people don’t have souls, because it is only those without souls, who go into that industry.

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