Are You Ready for Multiple Lawsuits By Victims of Psychiatric Misconduct?


On Friday, May 9, 2014, after a vigil honoring Dan Markingson, who died in a psychiatric research study at the University of Minnesota, a group of four students wearing white coats carried a black coffin to the door of the Board of Regents conference room, where they were confronted by security guards. Soon afterwards, several dozen demonstrators filed quietly to the front of the conference room, where each one presented a single flower to Board of Regents Chairman Richard Beeson. Beeson responded by threatening to have the room cleared.

Later in the public meeting, Leigh Turner, a professor in the Center for Bioethics, delivered a blistering speech to the Regents about their baffling refusal to address mounting evidence of research abuse and misconduct in the Department of Psychiatry. You can see his speech in the video embedded below.


  1. Yes I am ready,

    Here is an example of a psychiatric experiment violating the Nuremberg Code.

    Liquid Risperidone in the treatment of rages in psychiatrically hospitalized children with “possible” bipolar disorder
    Gabrielle A. Carlson, MD, Michael Potegal, PhD, David Margulies, MD, Joann Basile, RN, BA, and Zinoviy Gutkovich, MD


    A rage outburst was defined as sufficient agitation and loss of control such that the child was unable to “time out” (i.e. sit in a chair for 10 minutes on being told to do so)…

    If there was a second episode, the child was told “You need some medicine to help you get back in control. Take this medicine or we may have to give you a shot”. If agreeable, the child was given 0.015 mg/kg of liquid risperidone.

    Threatening children with injection so they can test drugs, despicable . “if agreeable” , kids are scared of needles.

    Did they say “time out for 10 mins or get a needle” in the first place ? NO .

    They likely ‘agitated’ the children on purpose to test the Risperdal and get the pharma $.

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    • It’s simply heartbreaking, and you’re right. Now that Insel’s confessed the DSM disorders are “lacking in validity” and the medical evidence is out essentially proving the psychiatric drugs CAUSE the symptoms of the serious DSM disorders. It’s evident there is no more credibility in today’s psychiatric practices, than there was in the Nazi’s psychiatric practices.

      But the psychiatric industry has seemingly bought out our religious leaders and the medical community, with their ability to defame, discredit, and turn anyone into a schizophrenic with their drugs, to aid in covering up pastoral and medical sins and mistakes. A crime that’s been confessed to me to be the “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” Psychiatry is nothing but modern day witch hunters. And they’ve also seemingly bought out the governmental agencies, court and legal system, police departments, too … it’s staggering how having the power to destroy any life, merely with psychiatric stigmatizations and legally forced toxic drugs, can intimidate formally ethical people and, thus, destroy a country.

      And now the psychiatrists are attacking as many innocent little children as they can get their hands on, largely to cover up child abuse with fictitious disorders for profit. It sure seems we have the same evil that controlled Germany in the Nazi era, in charge of the US now. I hope this psychiatric stupidity fest ends soon. The eugenicists were wrong in Nazi Germany, and they’re still wrong now that they control the US (and / or world). What ever happened to the wisdom of learning from our historical mistakes?

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      • Temesta side effects as listed in the drug leaflet:
        “[b]Restlessness, agitation, irritability, aggressiveness, violent anger, sleeping
        difficulties, nightmares, hallucinations, personality changes, sexual arousal,
        abnormal behaviour or false beliefs.[/b]
        Unexplained bleeding and/or bruising; increased risk of infections e.g.
        frequent sore throats, mouth ulcers, weakness and pale skin as these are symptoms of blood dyscrasia. Severe allergic reactions e.g. difficulty in breathing, swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, throat, hands, feet and /or severe faintness or dizziness. Jaundice e.g. yellowing of the skin, eyes, nose, mouth, pale coloured stools (faeces) and dark coloured urine. Daytime drowsiness, dizziness, reduced alertness, poor muscle control, muscle weakness, fatigue, hypersensitivity including anaphylaxis (allergic reactions), [b] confusion, depression, numbed emotions, difficulty controlling urges and impulses to speak, act or show emotions, a feeling of well-being for no reason[/b], appetite changes, sleep problems, changes in sex drive, decreased orgasm,[b] thoughts of harming or killing yourself, becoming dependent on Lorazepam tablets[/b], headache, slurred speech, [b]memory loss or forgetfulness[/b], trembling or shaking, impaired consciousness (ultimately coma), problems with vision including double vision or blurred vision, worsening of sleep apnoea e.g. loud snoring, restlessness and choking/gasping during the night, breathing difficulties, stomach upsets, nausea, constipation, changes in the amount of saliva in the mouth, skin problems such as rashes and inflammation, erectile dysfunction, blood or liver function changes, or low blood pressure, or low body temperature.”

        But for sure good doctors will consider the sudden appearance/worsening of aggression or psychosis as possible side effects rather than worsening/unmasking of underlying illness, right?
        Other drugs have side effects too but I have not seen insulin causing high blood sugar or aspirin causing fever. Plus none of the above listed side effects is really rare, almost everyone gets at least one of them and you’re lucky if it’s only fatigue and not memory loss or coma.

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