Psychiatrists debate forced treatment laws


Psychiatrists debated forced treatment at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting in May. George Szmukler, a King’s College professor of psychiatry, is quoted by Psychiatric News saying during the session, “In physical disorders, a high value is placed on autonomy, even when there is a high risk of death. But for mental illness, there is a stereotype that people with mental illness are not capable of making decisions about their care.” Szmukler proposed making competency and consent laws uniform across all of medicine: “A single law would apply to all patients for any nonconsensual, involuntary, or facilitated treatment, without reference to mental disorders. It would cover all illnesses in all settings in which the person has difficulty in decision making.”

Coercion and Autonomy Sometimes Collide in Patient-Care Decisions (Psychiatric News, June 16, 2014)


  1. Just like the corruption of general GP’s and pediatricians that encouraged them to prescribe a huge number of toxic psychiatric drugs to their so called patients with children and toddlers the major victims now, this appears to be a sneaky way to expand forced treatment to all doctors making them as dangerous to one’s human, civil and democratic rights as the “mental health” profession. Forced statins and vaccines are right around the corner with much pressure on the so called vaccine deniers (who know the truth about many useless, deadly, disabling vaccines and statins).

    It is now apparent that it is very dangerous to visit any so called health professional in main stream medicine since most have been hijacked by Big Pharma, psychiatry and other not so healthy/safe agendas to line their pockets at the deadly expense of their so called patients.

    Also, psychiatry has been working with government hacks to inflict itself in so called collaborative care with general doctors working in sync with psychiatry so that whereby one may have only been destroyed by toxic statins by their GP or toxic neuroleptics by their psychiatrist, now they can be all the more destroyed by combinations of the two and other toxic drugs/dangerous “treatments” both are inclined to “prescribe” for less than noble motives with the “patient’s” health the least of their concerns.

    Thus, this is a very depressing article indeed, but don’t say that because it could get you poisoned with SSRI’s or shocked with ECT if “resistant” to fake pills no better than placebo as if the so called patient isn’t reeling in shock enough at such massive fraud and betrayal at their expense monetarily and health wise.

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    • Donna,
      I didn’t read it as quite as pessimistic as you did, however, you bring up a good point – allowing forced treatment by ANY doctor is just asking for problems and ripe for abuse. Our current medical community has attracted too many power hungry and greedy psychopaths into the field. And as an industry, all doctors collectively are NOT ethical enough to allow ANY to be able to force medical treatment onto other human beings. Especially since it’s a for profit enterprise.

      A psychopath I was forced to deal with, whose now been arrested by the FBI for harming many patients for profit is a good example of the imminent need to take away power from all doctors, not increase power of all doctors.

      Read about the appallingly abusive Dr. V R Kuchipudi, who medically unnecessarily “snows” (drugs ’til only the whites of the eyes show) patients, and orders unneeded tracheotomies, resulting in many unneeded deaths, for profit. He defrauded my insurance company out of $30,000 for a bunch of unneeded forced psychiatric “torture.”

      No doctor should have the right to chemically rape, or force any medical procedure, onto any other human being. Period.

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      • Someone Else,

        Yes, I used to be a naïve, trusting person who believed most people are good until I learned the opposite with much shock and trauma dealing with the increasing number of malignant narcissists and psychopaths in power. Due to what Christopher Lasch called The Culture of Narcissism, whereby such villains used to be restrained by religious and other moral constraints, now that most seem to have lost their moral compass and replaced it with an “anything goes” approach, the villains don’t have to hide their villainy so well as the Wall Street scandals expose so well. The fact that these predators received no consequences and citizens who were crushed in this process had to take on the burden of bailing out the offenders from their excesses rather than jail says it all about those in power including the medical profession that expert now call another Wall Street boon or slush fund.

        One author said that one of the problems when Nazi Germany took hold was that many Jews who could have left could/would not believe the dangers posed to them, so they were destroyed for their naïve trust.

        Given what I know about mainstream medicine, any more collusion between biopsychiatry, GP’s, pediatricians and other doctors with Big Pharma and other health big business is certainly not in the so called patient’s best interests since they are dangerous enough already.

        No offense, but how much more harm do you have to suffer before you see or admit the truth. You have my full sympathy and empathy for what you and your family suffered, but I would think that would have cured you of trusting main stream medicine from then on.

        I used to go for annual physicals until I saw that even GP’s are corrupt and now colluding with biopsychiatry and Big Pharma to prey on their so called patients too. Even dentists can be predatory when health insurance financially rewards doing the most procedures and tests no matter what the horrible consequences to the so called patients. Thus, your appalling story is business as usual in medicine now.

        So, knowing what I know about the ethics of psychiatry and the fact they have pushed a totally fraudulent, deadly paradigm with Big Pharma while destroying countless lives they have used to corrupt neurology and GP’s, I don’t tend to go to doctors any more unless I’m desperate. The fact that Dr. Sandra Steingard posting at MIA said the same thing should also give us pause.

        Thanks for your comment.

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        • Donna,

          I think I see the truth more than you realize, the entire country – all of corporate America, including all of mainstream medicine, the government, and even the religions – is now corrupt. Everyone, including the religions, has gone off worshipping only money and Satan. The bible predicts this will happen some day, and unfortunately it has happened in this country. It’s truly sad, although if you believe in the bible, it will get better some day.

          And, to maintain hope, I need to continue to believe that many, or even most people, at least try to be decent personally – not the people currently at the top, however. And I will never trust any doctor again in all likelihood, the Wall of Silence has resulted in the entire field of medicine being corrupted. “All it takes for evil to reign is for good men to do nothing.” But the “good men” become complicit, thus evil, when they do nothing.

          But I think it’s better to have a PCP who knows your story, and knows all the psychotropics make you sick, than not. Although, I could be wrong, time will tell. But I will agree, the way the entire system is set up right now is deplorable. The fact that mainstream medicine has adopted wholehearted belief in the DSM, is absolutely insane. Doctors of old weren’t dumb enough to respect psychiatrists. And I am disgusted at learning that mainstream medicine has done this because the psychiatrists have historically, and are still today, covering up malpractice for the mainstream medical community. How sick they’ve set up an entire faction of the medical community, with the purpose of discrediting and torturing patients, due to greed.

          But maybe, by pointing out the American medical community’s staggering in scope (their “mistakes” are the number three killer of all Americans) crimes against the American people, perhaps we can help to bring about change for the better?

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        • Donna

          You are absolutely correct in all that you state here. I’ve spent the past six months fighting with two different GP’s who are determined that I will take statins. They both claim that these statins are the safest med around today and totally ignore anything that I state against the drugs. I fired one doctor and am looking at having to fire the second one also.

          It’s not just psychiatry as a medical specialty that feels it can dictate how we will lives our lives; numerous GPs are getting on the bandwagon as well. I’m beginning to worry for my safety when I go to the doctor for even little things.

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    • “It is now apparent that it is very dangerous to visit any so called health professional in main stream medicine since most have been hijacked by…”

      Of course it has been the goal of psychiatry to merge with mainstream medicine for generations. Several years ago I went to my GP and they told me there had been some changes to their policies and programs and had me fill out some forms, almost ALL of them were related to psychiatric B.S., so I changed doctors until a few years ago it happened again. I went without seeing any doctors since then and leaving my GERD untreated until last month when I went to a specialist for an upper endoscopy. Maybe it’s cause they read my medical chart, or maybe they try to put everyone under, but I’m sure they weren’t trying to give everyone neuroleptics one way or another. When I looked at the list of drugs they were going to give me, it was fentanyl, versed (a benzo) and FANAPT! The latter drug has absolutely no place in real medicine. It had been a long time since I had been trapped under psych treatment so I’m really glad I have kept up with with all these me-too and rebranded drugs otherwise I might have just signed… smh

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  2. JeffreyC,

    That has definitely been my experience with mainstream medicine. That is why I keep stressing to people that even if psychiatry was banned, which obviously isn’t going to happen, that we will still have big time problems with the medical profession. I find it very frightening.

    OMG, they were going to give you Fanapt for an endoscopy? In my opinion, that would have been malpractice since the common drugs used are either fentanyl and either versed or valium.

    I have also read that using Propanol for colonoscopies has become a popular choice and many people seem to feel they recover faster than when the versed and fenanyl were used. Not sure if it is used for an endoscopy.

    I am curious, what did they say when you asked about the Fanapt being used? If I had been in your situation, i would have had a hard time keeping my composure.

    Finally, switching doctors to avoid these issues is going to be alot harder thanks to electronic medical records which enables new doctors to access information from previous visits. I find that very scary and frightening.

    Good luck in resolving your situation.

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  3. If you decide that telling your PCP about your psych med history won’t affect your care, is he/she obligated to put in the electronic medical record even if you asked that it not be entered? Knowing that exists would prevent me from saying anything even if I felt the doctor could be trusted. But it would be good to know what the rules are as far as what medical information you disclose.

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