Psychiatric Times Still Seeking Suggestions for Broken Mental Health System


The online community Psychiatric Times will continue its series of commentaries on how to fix the “broken” mental health system through 2015, according to a press release from publisher UBM Media. The series editor is psychiatrist and MIA Blogger Allen Frances, and he and E. Fuller Torrey have penned the first three contributions.

The press release includes links to the freely accessible articles.

Psychiatric Times Calls for Suggestions on How to Fix the US Mental Health System (UBM Media press release on PR Newswire, January 9, 2015)


  1. >>Psychiatric Times Still Seeking Suggestions for Broken Mental Health System

    The mental health system is not broken as it has never worked in the first place. The notion that it can “fix stupid” and make idiots act in their own best interest is pie in the sky snake oil salesmanship. This is the bill of goods it sells to the public and those of us with the misfortune to have had to be educated on this topic know, its just a profit oriented business that is effectively unregulated.

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  2. You can complain, but don’t expect psychiatrists to be returning checks anytime soon. The system isn’t broken, the system works all too well. It is a personality suppressing, people destroying, system, but you’ve got psychiatrists, mental health workers, insurance companies, and drug companies, not to mention family members, to profit from that destruction. I imagine some of them get awards for their walls rather than numbers on their headstones, but such is nature of the beast. Should the beast relent, well, you can’t profit from that.

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    • If you want to fix the mental health system, you can do so simply and easily by outlawing forced mental health treatment. So much oppression, discrimination, prejudice, and harm stems from the fact that you have people imprisoned for medical pretensions, not because they broke any law of the land, inside mental hospitals. People within these facilities, unlike people with real medical conditions, in real hospitals, are not free to come and go as they please. All physical mental health treatment (imprisonment, sterilization, lobotomy, shock, drugs) has traditionally been harmful. Give people a choice, and once again, you are dealing with human beings rather than eternally adolescent mental cases. Human beings, like citizens, have rights, mental patients, like slaves, on the other hand, have no rights. When they are, once again, given a choice, and with it, a voice, they are no longer so wronged as they are when deprived of that choice.

      Frank Blankenship
      Psychiatric Survivor
      Human Rights Activist

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    • Actually, Psychiatric Times will not post my comment. I keep, and I’ve tried numerous times, getting a “The name you used belongs to a registered user” message at the top of the page. Yep, that’s right. The registered user is me. Allen Frances and I have our differences. He’s also, likely as not, got my name and number. He’s very particular about who gets his ear. If anybody else feels like doing so, I’d love to have my comment posted on his page.

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      • I don’t recall if you’ve mentioned your profession or not, yet I know that Psychiatric Times limits comments to those who work in health care.

        Also, you can reply to Dr. Frances on Huffington Post. I think all pf his articles are posted there. They use Facebook for comments.

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