First-ever Peer-supported Open Dialogue Conference


On March 11, 2015, the NHS Foundation and three other Trusts are hosting a free conference to “take stock” after one year of Peer-supported Open Dialogue.

The text of the conference invitation states that, “In March of 2015 it will be one year since North East London NHS Foundation Trust organised a conference on “Developing Open Dialogue in the NHS”. Since then we have brought together a coalition of 4 Trusts to set up pilot teams in each Trust to learn Peer-supported Open Dialogue, as a new way of working, and roll it out in their localities as part of a controlled trial. The training begun in October 2014, with nearly 60 clinicians from around the UK, being taught by 12 trainers from 5 different countries. Work on the research is well under way, and the model will be implemented (and outcomes compared to usual treatment) from the end of the training in October 2015. Now is, therefore, a great time to take stock of where we are, hear how the training is going and spread word of the project, and the potential transformation it represents, to all who are interested.”

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