“Rape Survivor who Developed Schizophrenia after Attack by a Male Nurse has been Institutionalised for 8 Years”


In 2004 ‘Amy,’ who was being treated for a drug overdose, screamed “Mum, don’t let him near me! He shouldn’t be in here! He’s raped me!” when a male nurse entered the room. Amy’s mother assumed her daughter was hallucinating. Amy’s mental health deteriorated, leading to a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.  Six years later, the nurse was convicted of raping Amy, having already been jailed for indecent assault in 2002 and for having consensual sex with a teenaged patient in a toilet in 2007. Amy remains in a secure mental hospital. “I’m doing all this time for him! Eight years I’ve been locked up,” she told her mother.

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  1. When psychiatrists diagnose a rape victim in their hospital with “schizophrenia,” just after the rape occurred in that hospital. It’s highly likely this crime victim, who didn’t actually previously have a “brain disease,” so wouldn’t need neuroleptics, was put on neuroleptics. And the neuroleptics can cause both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” in a previously healthy individual. The negative symptoms are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and these negative symptoms are often misdiagnosed as a need for more neuroleptics. And more neuroleptics can cause the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” via the central symptoms of neuroleptic induced anticholinergic intoxication syndrome, or what’s also none as anticholinergic toxidrome.

    I hope this crime victim is weaned off the neuroleptics and let out of the hospital now. And I’m quite certain the psychiatrist who seemingly misdiagnosed her concerns of abuse as “schizophrenia,” then likely created the symptoms of schizophrenia with the neuroleptics, to cover up the sexual abuse that occurred in his hospital, is charged with a crime, too.

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    • I will be surpsrised if your hopes come true :(. Especially in terms of punishing the “doctor”. Reminds me of the story from Germany (Gustl Mollath’s ordeal – you can google it) when a guy spent also close to 8yrs in a psych ward because of “paranoid schizophrenia”. He was eventually let out (and was fortunately not drugged while in the “hospital”) as it turned out that his “paranoia” was very justified by reality (his ex-wife conspiring with corrupt banksters to commit fraud). Of course none of the “good specialists” who have “diagnosed” him over the years has faced any consequences. They are still working and still labelling and locking people up. There are not consequences for abusers.

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      • I agree, we’re no longer living within a just society, but I do so hope to return to one. But that can only happen by getting rid of those who believe in unscientifically defaming and torturing others with drugs, rather than addressing actual aggregevenses within a cout of law. The entire psychiatric industry theology is contrary to the US Constitution. And I, too, dealt with a family member who worked in the banking industry who thought it clever to have me gaslighted by psychiatrists so all my money could be put in my former husband’s name, via predatory lenders, then in his siblings’ names. My husband then died.

        Do I expect justice from the US justice system ? … not any longer. But it is an interesting story of how low the baby boomer American banking industry employees, and society has fallen, largely due to their trust and belief in psychiatry. And I do now have in-laws embarrassed because I’m able to point out their theivery from me, and the fact they tried to capitalize on my ex-religion’s psychiatric defamation of me, to cover up medical abuse of my child by a wealthy friends of my ex-pastor.

        The entire psychiatric industry is a way of allowing those aware of that industry’s evil behavior from stealing from those unaware of their evils. In other words, of having those with a family history, thus knowledge of the evils of psychiatric defamation and drugs, from stealing from those without a knowledge of such. It’s a system that unjustly allows the white trash within society to steal from the ethical and decent within society.

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        • And I should also point out, it allows the religions, who’ve always known the psychiatric industry’s diagnoses are based upon “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” are morally wrong. A result of a paternalist society run amok.

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  2. You are all so right. What are known as psychiatric drugs cause psychiatric illness and the individual enters into a vicious cycle of pain, misery, anguish that not involves aspects of the brain; but the body, also. I know that these evil drugs are not only toxic; but incredibly addictive; maybe more so than heroin, cocaine, or any of the rest of illegal drugs; because the withdrawal is such that when it is my time; I must go to heaven to be with Jesus; because I have already been to “hell” with the “devil.” I do hope and pray this vulnerable, innocent young woman is weaned decently and humanely from these drugs; her illicit diagnosis, and the pain that man caused her.

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