“In US Prisons, Psychiatric Disability Is Often Met by Brute Force”


TruthOut reveals that “Turned out by the tens of thousands, scores of patients have been trapped between the worst of both worlds, free to do anything – except receive or participate in user-led, community-based care services.”

More from the article:

“As disability justice scholars and advocates have pointed out, the mass closure of asylums and ‘psych’ hospitals did not end the forced segregation or confinement of people with disabilities. The systems of power that gave rise to asylums are alive and well.

“As a result, institutionalization continues in earnest to this day, and in fact has expanded its scope, not only into prisons and jails but even into the so-called “community-based” alternatives that are modeled on biomedical psychiatry and medical authority – the very practices that advocates of deinstitutionalization had fought to destroy.”

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