“Antipsychotics, Elderly Can Be a Toxic Mix”


“Mary Ann DeBernardis of Utica knew her mother was dying when she left the hospital on the evening of July 5, 2013. Burdened with a number of health problems, she died in the middle of the night. Wanting to know more about what caused her death, DeBernardis and her family asked for her medical records. ‘And that’s when we learned about Haldol.'” (From the Utica Observer-Dispatch)

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  1. If the federal government really wanted to discourage their use it might be wise to limit the amount that they are willing to pay to medicate not only seniors but the economically disadvantaged. The US has the highest medication costs of any country in the world. The prices that are allowed for the behavior control “treatments” are outrageous. But, they prevent care takers from having to actually take care of these folks in other than a purely physical way or give them the dignity they are owed at their age.

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  2. It should be 100% illegal to use these drugs just to “calm” someone who is difficult, especially the elderly and children. I’ll be sharing a blog next week about what happened to my wife’s dad on Risperdal. It’s pretty awful what these things do, and yet, as B says, there is zero accountability. The are literally getting away with murder.

    —- Steve

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  3. These drugs are used not only on older people who are physically difficult to deal with. If you are outspoken, independent, have a mind of your own, a person who won’t be pushed around or bossed, then you become fair game for drugging. As a chaplain in a large retirement center I watched vibrant and sometimes aggravating older people turn into zombies drooling on themselves. These drugs are used to make people compliant in more ways than just physical. The older people who complained about care were turned into zombies at the drop of a hat. The aides on the night shift often don’t want to be bothered with giving good care to people, especially those residents who don’t want to go to bed immediately after dinner. If you don’t obey immediately at each and every command given to you, you run the very high risk of ending up as a drooling zombie who has to be fed your dinner.

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