“How Poverty Affects Children’s Brains”


New research is investigating how “poverty reduction promotes cognitive and brain development.” Kimberly Noble, a professor of neuroscience at Teachers College, Columbia University, writes in the Washington Post of her plans to run a large clinical trial involving cash payments to low-income families.  She hopes that the study will be able to “estimate the impact of these cash supplements on children’s cognitive, emotional and brain development, as well as the effect on family functioning.”

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  1. Meanwhile if you look at the background of many of histories great scientists many grew up in poverty.

    Its not poverty itself its more the culture of poverty.

    They say you can take the kid out of poverty but you can’t take poverty out of the kid.

    Should be an interesting experiment, hope MIA posts the results.

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  2. Is the next study going to be on if the sun sets on the west or if fish can survive without water?
    I mean, it’s nice they’re studying something else than pills but we already know poverty’s bad for you. Can we move on to actually doing something about it?

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