“The City Where Residents Have Been Taking Mentally Ill People Into Their Homes for Hundreds of Years”


The UK’s Independent reports on the Belgium city of Geel, where local families have welcomed people with mental health issues into their homes as boarders since the 14th century.  Though, the people of Geel reject the common language and perceptions of “madness.” “Few hosts in Geel would regard the practice as therapy but the city has drawn the praise of psychiatrists through the centuries for the success of its care, allowing people to live with their conditions in a loving environment without being separated from society or treated as a patient.”

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  1. Saw a documentary on geel several years ago, or maybe it was a news special. In any case, almost everybody in every shot had a severe case of tardive dyskinesia. I remember being stunned by how common and severe. Those people are obviously drugged to the gills over there.

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