Study Claims Marijuana Can Treat “ADHD”


A small study of 30 participants in Germany claims that cannabis can be used to treat “ADHD” because it increases the availability of dopamine. “This then has the same effect but is a different mechanism of action than stimulants like Ritalin and dexedrine amphetamine, which act by binding to the dopamine and interfering with the metabolic breakdown of dopamine.” According to the report, 22 of the 30 participants opted to discontinue their prescriptions in favor of medical marijuana.

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  1. Ya but Ritalin and dexedrine give you a much better high than that silly plant.

    I don’t consider the effects of cannabis to be a high, its a more a change than a actual high.

    I guess cannabis did kind of work on ADD if that means sticking with the same task without getting distracted away from it.

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