“When Meth Was an Antidepressant”


The Atlantic compares the use of meth as a “top-line antidepressant” in the 1930s to the 1950s to debates over the use of medicinal marijuana today. “It’s an example of how pharmaceuticals, at their core, are drugs. They’re chemicals that were mixed together and believed to be beneficial to humanity, until they weren’t.”

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  1. The DEA guy should definitely be fired. Marijuana is not a drug or chemical and should not be in the same discussion with meth.

    Hitler was a meth freak. Apparently some of the supposed “good guys” (Kennedy) were also. Maybe this helps explain in part the state of the world.

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  2. “it can be hard to know where to draw the line.”
    It is easy to know where to dry the line.
    Is there any measurable visual defect in the human (brain) to start off with? X-ray, MRI that sort of detection .
    Then anything consumed to alter mood-thought-mind is a drug ( a luxury) and not a medicine.

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