“An Accused Murderer Is Trying to Use a Brain Scan as Evidence He Couldn’t Control His Actions”


Philip Chism, who at 14-years-old brutally assaulted and murdered his teacher at Danvers high school in Massachusetts, has attempted to mount an insanity defense by producing brain scans that his expert witnesses have connected to schizophrenia. The judge has dismissed this evidence, however.  “The inference the jury was asked to draw was that the volumetric value of the brain [is] consistent with schizophrenia is that the defendant has schizophrenia,” he said. “That is simply an impermissible inference for the jury to draw.”

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  1. Nobody has schizophrenia because schizophrenia doesn’t exist, is not something someone has, is not valid, cannot possibly be reliable, and should be abolished as a false concept. Period.

    People can and do have different degrees of psychotic experience but there is no brain disease called schizophrenia that one has or doesn’t have.

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  2. You can’t take a photo of a drug in the blood/brain influencing a persons emotions.
    If anything mitigates his crime, it would be a drugs effects on his decision making ability.
    Can anyone make sane decisions on crack-cocaine or meth?

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