What Care for the Criminally Insane Can Teach Us


In this piece for¬†The Pew Charitable Trusts, Michael Ollove¬†reports on Oregon’s model of intense care and supervision for those¬†found guilty except for insanity.

“Oregon‚Äôs model of intense care and supervision is not cheap: Caring for a patient at the Oregon State Hospital costs between $383,000 and $437,000 annually, according to the Oregon Health Authority. Conditional release supervision costs between $30,000 and $157,000 a year.

It has, however, yielded impressive results. Over the past five years,¬†the rate of recidivism¬†for those on conditional release in Oregon after a verdict of criminal insanity is 0.47 percent. By comparison, one report put the¬†recidivism rate among all Oregon ex-inmates, whether mentally ill or not, at about 18 percent.”