“Anti-Depressants for Teens: A Second Look”


Writing for the Harvard Health Blog, Dr. Nandinia Mani reconsiders the use of antidepressants in teens in light of the reanalysis of Study 329.  “Will an antidepressant help your teen feel better, or could it actually worsen his or her depression? To get to the heart of the matter, parents and doctors are worried about suicide.”



  1. “Whether or not to start a teenager on an antidepressant is a highly personal decision that depends heavily on the situation for each individual teen.” Wouldn’t this be a confession, of sorts, that coerced or forced psychiatric treatment is highly inappropriate medical behavior?

    I hope the medical industry stops lying to their patients claiming depression is a “chemical imbalance” in the brain, cured by antidepressants. And all the forced psychiatric treatment, what the UN calls “torture,” is ended soon. Especially since the DSM believing psychiatrists and mainstream doctors have already killed more patients in the past several decades with today’s “new wonder drugs,” than the Nazi psychiatrists killed Jews, during the Nazi era.


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