Garth Daniels Sues Psychiatric Hospital Over Forced ECT


In Melbourne, Australia, Garth Daniels is suing a hospital and two doctors after he claims they administered electroconvulsive therapy, or ‘shock therapy’, treatments against his will. “Daniels has been shocked 31 times in the last four months and he’s also been tied to his bed with velcro straps for much of the year.”

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  1. LOUISE MILLIGAN: Although Garth initially agreed to being restrained to control his aggressive outbursts, at one stage earlier this year he was strapped to his bed for more than 60 days in a row.

    Garth what would you prefer the mind murder of shocks and drugs or being restrained to control aggressive outbursts ?

    Seems he made his choice so what is their problem ??

    ALLAN FELS, CHAIR, AUST. MENTAL HEALTH COMMISSION: I think there’s almost universal agreement that restraint has no therapeutic value, doesn’t improve people and often it adds to their problems, it increases their feelings of mental illness.

    Bullshit, restraint is just more unsightly and looks crueler and more brutal to outside observers than mind murder with psychotropic drugs and electric shocks.

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  2. From the bed of Garth Daniels – Monash University Teaching Hospital.

    I have been shackled to a bed in four-point restraint for nine weeks… given intramuscular injections which cause akathisia (inability to sit or stand still, also known as restless legs syndrome). Then given a drug to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – causing itching and hives on the skin – which you cannot scratch because you are shackled to a bed.

    What they don’t tell you is that the DVT drug is actually to prevent DVT caused by the intramuscular injection drug Acuphase which actually can give rise to DVT.

    Then because of the violent reaction of akathisia you spit and scream at staff – you are labelled violent – then your carers are told you are in a life threatening situation – they must release you from restraints. And, the only way you will be released from restraint is to be shocked – SHOCKED with an electrical current to your brain to quell your violent behaviour which they attribute to your chronic condition they call treatment resistant schizophrenia.

    You are beaten up by another patient who breaks your arm and your finger when you are allowed out of restraint. They call Code Black – police arrive – they shackle you to the bed again. No one asks you what happened; they just assume you did it because you are labelled violent. You are given a further blood clotting prevention drug in your stomach but you bleed from the wounds inflicted by the patient who by now is discharged. Just 12 shocks for you Garth. That should quieten you down. Then you are told we are going to lock you away and give you clozapine. Don’t worry about your heart and you certainly don’t need to worry about your brain, we’ve got that under our control mate.

    My crime? Twenty years ago when I was twenty years old, I took some recreational drugs and did some stupid things. Then the Mental Health system in Victoria thought they knew how to fix my drug problem, with even more dangerous drugs than the ones that got me into trouble in the first place. The authorities forced these drugs and restraints on me without my consent. You can do that legally in Gulag Victoria in 2015. This could happen to your kids or you or anyone who gets caught up in our ironically named mental health system. Once you are labelled a mental deviant they can throw away the keys, lock you up and shock you until your memories are gone too.

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    • How sad. Again, inept, ignorant psychiatrists driving someone with an initially treatable drug reaction iatrogenically insane and further abusing him with more toxic poisons and electrical lobotomy. Calling someone “violent” when their “treatments” have created and exacerbated the problems. Wanting to drug and brain injure someone into a lethargic, compliant state so they are easy to handle. F*****lunatics. They are doctors and nurses? No, they are monsters and torturers.
      And, voluntary or involuntary? Do they matter when the “procedure” is lied about and that poor grandma or pregnant girl ends up with the same brain damage as the involuntary guy?
      Shock is torture. Those administering should be stripped of their medical credentials, sent to prison, and injected with neuroleptics and given shock. That might be a tiny bit of justice. The mental death system is peopled by the most ignorant, numb, and deep down mean people who ever breathed air. Why aren’t the nurses reporting the abuses? Because of their pay checks? Pathetic.
      Definitely phone these fools, on speed dial all day long.
      And, another “doctor” deserving of these calls? Not hard to tell who that is…
      It is wonderful that Garths family is fighting against the assaults and abuses that have been destroying their sons chance to have a life….

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      • Re: Definitely phone these fools, on speed dial all day long.

        Monash Medical Centre Address: 246 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168, Australia
        Phone: +61 3 9594 6666

        To call Australia from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions:

        First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
        Next dial 61, the country code for Australia.
        Then dial the area code (1 digit).
        Finally the phone number (8 digits).

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  3. I think those of us here in the United States should start a telephone campaign against that hellhole posing as a hospital.

    If they find our telephone calls disruptive what are they going to do have their government call our Secretary of state John Kerry and make a complaint ?

    Hi this is Australia and some people from your country are disrupting our torture center, I mean hospital. Please help us.

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