“United States of Adderall (Part II)”


Writing for Huffpost, medical doctor Lawrence Diller looks at the effects of the ever increasing diagnoses for ADHD and the addiction and abuse issues associated with Adderall. “I have had some dark times on this stuff,” a student tells Dr. Diller. “Laying in my bed coming down every night, crying to myself, feeling more alone than ever. Pushing people away in my life. Severe depression. The list goes on. Never in my life would I have thought that I’d become addicted to this awful stuff, let alone any kind of drug. I’ve never been that kind of person – until now.”

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  1. Why doesn’t this story call out “Vyvance” ?

    Seems to me that its helping Shire out bashing Adderal and saying nothing about its newly patented Vyvance.

    Vyvance is nasty, much the same as Adderal but it is “long acting” but the only thing long acting with Vyvance is the crash down where you can’t focus have anxiety jittery and feel depressed.

    That Vyvance prodrug delivery system is flawed, the peak part is too high and like I said above the bad part when it wears off is long and nasty.

    Vyvance is sending more kids down the poly-pharmacy pipeline no doubt , I have taken the stuff and its worse than Adderal in many ways

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