1. I read this book a while back, it’s a quick read. It’s a story about a woman who’d become “psychotic,” but wasn’t immediately dismissed as a human being by the mainstream medical doctors, and shipped to the psychiatrists to be tranquilized and tortured forever.

    And the mere existence of a psychiatric industry that regularly treats people in such a disparaging and fatalistic manner, truly, is the problem. All people should actually be provided appropriate medical care, as this woman was. Today’s psychiatric “care,” truly is 100% the opposite of “appropriate medical care.”

    There are lots of etiologies of “psychosis,” and the medical community needs to grow up, and learn what the rest of us learned from WWII. It was and still is immoral, thus unacceptable human behavior, for any human to defame any other human with a made up “mental illness,” then tranquilize, torture, and murder people, based on such medical fictions.

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