“Former FDA Commissioner Sued Over Levaquin”


“Obama administration appointee, former FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg, is at the heart of this scandal, and her husband Peter Brown, co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, L.L.C., a major New York hedge fund. While Dr. Hamburg was head of the FDA, her husband profited enormously from as much as half a billion dollars in Johnson & Johnson stock, the maker of Levaquin, held by Renaissance Technologies.”

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    • Approving the neuroleptics aren’t just a matter of “hiding the side effect of a drug that makes boys grow breasts.”

      It’s also denying, the apparent psychiatric industry’s desired effects, of a drug class known to cause both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” all by themselves.

      The neuroleptic drugs can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit disorder.


      And they can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” via the central symptoms of neuroleptic induced anticholinergic intoxication syndrome, too. These are the central symptoms of this neuroleptic induced syndrome:

      “symptoms may include memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, hallucinations, psychosis, delirium, hyperactivity, twitching or jerking movements, stereotypy, and seizures.”

      And inappropriate prescription of, high doses of, or combining any of these drug classes, is known to cause anticholinergic toxidrome / anticholinergic intoxication syndrome:

      “antihistamines, antipsychotics, antidepressants, and antiparkinsonian drugs[3] as well as atropine, benztropine, datura, and scopolamine.”

      Which means today’s current “bipolar” drug cocktail recommendations are, in fact, a recipe for how to make a person “mad as a hatter,” via anticholinergic intoxication syndrome.

      Eileen, I’m really sorry you also were harmed by the greed inspired criminals currently in charge.

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