“Pharma Executives Worry About Presidential Candidates Demanding Reform”


Reporting for The Intercept, Lee Fang reveals that pharma executives “have told investors that they are working actively to influence the political debate.” After “tough talk” on the price of medications in the United States from democratic contender Bernie Sanders and others, pharmaceutical companies are stepping up their lobbying and marketing efforts in an attempt to influence policy.

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  1. I would imagine the pharma game plan is to allow the political focus to be on pain pills and opiate addiction as a distraction and let the justice industry sell the public some police state addiction solutions so all the real criminal stuff the pharmaceutical industry does stays out of the spotlight.

    Pharma execs are greedy psychos but not stupid.

    How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about
    Sen. Marco Rubio is one of the biggest beneficiaries.


    CLINTON: I have spoken out on my belief that we should have drug courts that would serve as alternatives to the traditional criminal justice system for low-level offenders. If the person comes before the court, agrees to stay clean, is subjected to drug tests once a week, they are diverted from the criminal justice system.

    Oh great Hillary Fascist Clinton, nothing like a cop staring at your genitals waiting for the yellow stream every week for the “crime” of getting high. Then all the people that go to jail because of the false positives.

    Six months in jail thanks to drug test error

    A false positive result in a drug test is more than just a little mistake — it’s often the difference between walking free or going to prison.

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