1. Q: What is your approach to the “Drug War”?

    CLINTON: I have spoken out on my belief that we should have drug courts that would serve as alternatives to the traditional criminal justice system for low-level offenders. If the person comes before the court, agrees to stay clean, is subjected to drug tests once a week, they are diverted from the criminal justice system…

    Subjected to drug tests once a week… 98% accurate ? In less than a year (50 tests) chances are you get that 2% fail.

    The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter
    New Republic-6 hours ago
    In August 2015, an uncomfortable encounter between Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors and Hillary Clinton finally broke the silence of many … A grainy cell phone video of the incident showed a handful of young BLM protestors confronting Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. https://newrepublic.com/article/129433/clintons-war-drugs-black-lives-didnt-matter

    Clinton, go home old bag.

    Hi Canada, we have the same psycho police state problem here too.

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  2. Sad story, and many of the child protection agencies are completely set up wrong. Many are set up so that they are only paid for placing a child. Which leads to corruption, taking children they have no right to take. And it also means they don’t look into cases of child abuse, when removing the child from the home, would not be the appropriate response. Here’s one account of the issues in one state, I’ve read worse elsewhere.


    Yes, Canada, we have problems south of the border, too.

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