“Sweat is the Best Antidepressant”


The University of Toronto recently opened a Mental Health and Physical Activity Research Centre to work with individual students, and to study the link between mental and physical health. “Research shows that mental health is a serious issue on campus and in the community,” said Catherine Sabiston, one of the centre’s researchers. “We’re committed to reducing mental health challenges by promoting physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour, and providing long-term solutions.”

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  1. Well, it’s good to know the “mental health professionals” are learning that an hour of moderate exercise a day is beneficial for one’s health. My “mental health professionals” thought such an exercise regime was a “sign of mania.” And kept trying to convince me to stop exercising, and let the Zyprexa do what it does best, cause extreme weight gain. But I couldn’t, because my ankle surgeon told me not to gain weight.

    I will say that once I was finally weaned off the toxic psychiatric drugs, I did suffer from an actual drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity mania. During this actual mania, I woke up, danced for about two hours, then biked for an hour or two, gardened and rehabbed like a fiend, was just go, go, go all day long. Although, lots of exercise is a good way to deal with actual mania, too. Especially since such does help one lose the weight gain associated with being on the psych drugs.

    There really is a difference between a healthy level of exercise, which helps one alleviate stress, and a manic amount of exercise. Shame, up until now, the “mental health professionals” thought all exercise was a “sign of mania.” The “mental health professionals” have such a bizarre belief system, sort of like they’re ignorant of all common sense. I even had a psychiatrist once claim she had a test that could definitively prove that common sense was “millions of voices.” The inmates are running the asylums.

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