“Rat Study Reveals Long-term Effects of Adolescent Amphetamine Abuse on the Brain”


A study of rats given regular, high doses of amphetamine finds that those exposed to the drug at an age corresponding to human adolescence experience long-term changes in brain function that persist into adulthood. “Changes in dopamine function in response to repeated drug exposure are likely to contribute to the behavioral consequences – addiction and relapse, for example – that abusers experience.”

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  1. Forcing children to take amphetamines will have long run adverse outcomes, including addiction and relapse. I could have told you this decades ago, prior to becoming a medical researcher. Why did / does the medical community believe forcing amphetamines onto children is a good idea?

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  2. I notice they use the word abuse instead of just use.

    There is no difference, if a child is subjected to daily drugging by ‘using’ Vyvance by prescription or by ‘abusing’ amphetamine by getting it from a kid selling his ADHD pills at school.

    In fact the kid who is ‘abusing’ it at parties or for fun is at less risk for brain damage than the kid who is drugged on a daily basis for years by prescription.

    Anyway they don’t need to study rats, all they need to do is go to some drug and alcohol treatment centers and start asking the young people if they were drugged for school and notice how the majority say yes.

    Maybe in time with these new electronic medical records it will be impossible for the psychiatric industry to deny that drugging school children with amphetamines is not leading to future addiction and mental health problems.

    The evidence is out there for anyone who wants to do a study and confirm it.

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    • Those that prescribe legal drugs are all parasites on the public, just the same as an illegal drug dealer. When there is no one left to keep society going the confidence trick (drugs for life) will collapse under its own weight.

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  3. What was one of Szasz’s examples to show the ludicrous nature of anti-drug laws…if you have an Rx for amphetamine, you’re a “patient” with a “legitimate need;” if you just happen to have some tablets of some flavor Rx speed, you’re a criminal, and you’ll be treated accordingly (especially if you’re poor and/or a minority).

    Drugs are drugs. What really irks me about the ADD/ADHD, Rx speed thing is that…hey, we’ve been down this road before! Amphetamines were handed out like candy in various forms…methamphetamine, amphetamines mixed with some sort of sedative in one pill, etc. Back then, it was mostly adult women who were targeted. Then the 70s came and suddenly Rx speed was a potentially dangerous substance, prescribe w/ caution, etc. etc. etc. And now, even with the speed in Schedule II, the stuff is prescribed to people of all ages, with minimal (if any) precautions that should be taken w/ controlled substance prescribing.

    Its definitely not just the shrinks. Counselors and the “talky” mental health people are in on it, as are GPs, pediatricians, etc. Oh, and the schools…I’m hoping its mostly the public schools that push parents to medicate.

    Mental Health, Inc. creates victims+lifelong consumers/customers/”patients. Its what they do, apparently. The latest episode in America’s love affair w/ Rx speed is just one more example of how the “helping” professions are creating problems on a personal, family, community, and nation-wide scale.

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