“CDC Warns that Americans May be Overmedicating Youngest Children with ADHD”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data indicating that as many as 75% of young children who are diagnosed with ‘ADHD’ are being prescribed drugs against medical recommendations. “Until we know more the recommendation is to first refer parents of children under 6 years of age who have ADHD for training and behavior therapy,” Anne Schuchat, CDC principal deputy director, told the Washington Post.

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  1. No, really? Overmedicating our youth?

    Actually, I hate that term, “Overmedicating.” How about “We’re using drugs to make our toddlers less like toddlers.” Or “We are MEDICATING kids under %!” Overmedicating indicates there would be an appropriate amount of medication to give a toddler. Sorry, but drugging toddlers for behavioral control is just plain WRONG.

    —- Steve

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  2. Steve,
    Agree! ‘Overmedicating’, as if any amount is acceptable. And “…children under 6 years of age who have ADHD…” as if ADHD is an actual disease and not a cluster of behaviours that teachers find annoying, that pharma is clever enough to promote a “treatment” for, that MDs are uneducated and unethical enough to prescribe, and that parents are gullible enough to shove down their kids’ throats at breakfast.

    My blood is boiling. Is there a drug for that?

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If ‘Generation Rx’ grew up and started launching class action lawsuits against parents, caregivers, MDs, and pharma for having drugged them without informed consent?

    Liz Sydney

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    • May be over-medicating?
      Is there some urgent, guild focused, buttock covering going on here?
      Maybe mainstream psychiatry’s long overdue tipping point is closer than those brutally abused and already dead, but bravely represented by their loved ones might hope?
      This now seems increasingly likely.
      Some perceive benefit. – How naive might this be?
      Growth retardation, alleged FDA cover up over suicidality and homicidality currently posted with strong evidence base and great courage. Brain stimulant medication of children followed by life destroying but psych-practioner-lucrative / pharma-mega-lucrative diagnosis of “bipolar disorder” ?
      This absurdity followed by enforced medication with some of the most poisonous and brain/ endocrine systems destroying drugs ever abused via the prescription pad. et al, – et al – et al!

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