“Science Needs to Evolve”


The Watchdogs cover a new paper, titled “The Natural Selection of Bad Science.” The researchers write that “some of the most powerful incentives in contemporary science actively encourage, reward, and propagate poor research methods and abuse of statistical procedures,” and suggest that modern science must find ways to move beyond our misguided objectives.

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  1. I do agree, the “scientific” field must evolve past their self and money worship only phase, as must the mainstream paternalistic religions, as must the multinational corporations, and the politicians they control, including the multinational bankers who’ve financed this insanity fest. The need to evolve goes all the way to the tippy top of the pyramid.

    “The left brain doesn’t know what it doesn’t know,” and those who use only that are current in control. As a society, we need to start respecting those who know how to utilize both the analytical and intuitive sides of their brains, rather than just respecting the half wits that are only out for personal self gain and / or money.

    Those currently in charge “don’t know what they don’t know.” And it’s unwise for any society to put put such uninlightened humans in charge.

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