1. From the article
    “To participate, the N.Y.U. team told her, she first had to stop taking all her medications. But the study had several false starts, requiring her to stop taking medication, then restart, then stop again — and restart.”

    Imagine the mind of the one taking the drug of nicotine/smoking or coffee, then quitting , then starting.
    This is with the assumption the brain can heal from all the adaptations it made when on the drug/medicine. ” brain cells grow more adenosine receptors, which is the brain’s attempt to maintain equilibrium” http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/this-is-how-your-brain-becomes-addicted-to-caffeine-26861037/#ajkSsWzAV8y9eBiH.99

    Receptors which it has to remove when quitting, then put back when on the drug, then remove when quitting.

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