“‘ADHD: Half Century of Misdiagnosis?’”


The Charlotte Observer announces the September arrival of New York Times writer Allen Schwarz’s ADHD Nation: Children, Doctors, Big Pharma, and the Making of An American Edpidemic,” which “takes a cold look at the ‘misdiagnosis’ of the ADHD disorder and how its ‘unchecked growth’ over 50 years has made ADHD ‘one of the most controversial conditions in medicine, with serious effects on children, adults and society.’”

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  1. I like the title, its got a great deal of potential, but if it were mine, it might read something like,”Scizophrenia”: Four Centuries of Misdiagnosis. I think that’s the backstory really, but wait minute, “schizophrenia”, the word for the clinical diagnosis, the “disease” label, has only been around since the 19th century. “Lunacy”, perhaps. We know that’s nonsense. The moon always had more of effect upon ocean waves, poets of the German Romantic or the Buddhist variety, and werewolves than it ever did upon upon any other folk.

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