“Veterans’ PTSD and Brain Injury Deserve Focused Research on New Treatments”


For STAT, Magali Haas reports on a research summit organized to improve the treatments available for PTSD. “If the goals are ambitious, the obstacles are no less substantial,” she writes. “We currently have no mechanistic understanding of how PTSD, TBI, and related conditions arise. And there are no truly validated animal models in which to study these conditions.”

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    Not just PTSD,any so called mental illness have biological component.Which isn’t in favor of pro-Mental Health
    movement and same is with anti-psychiatry movement.I learn this personally,when I contact one of such
    organisations,few years ago.Situation is such.My crazy kind is victim of endless siege,like one in Gaza district.
    If anyone belief,that humans right violations and reports about them,can change something, is making a big
    mistake.Until anti-psychiatry movement don’t transform,into anti-mental health movement,siege will
    continue.If you don’t agree with me MIA,then at least say,that I am not welcomed,on your blogs.

    There is nothing special about PTSD,or any so called mental illness.They are nothing more, then hormones
    imbalance in human brains.I know this,but PTSD shouldn’t take single life in last 40 years.Follow anyone
    you want,my crazy brothers and sisters.I don’t have right to say anything,beyond my comments.All what
    I wrote,is very known to all academics,from many different professions,for decades.Guilty list,for this big
    treachery will include,entire neuroscience,not just psychology or psychiatry.Also neurologists know this,
    endocrinology,too.Chemistry or Biochemistry.I hope that,MIA won’t act as anti-crazy kind in this matter.
    I wrote about this also on Psychology Today.Many of my comments there,won’t be welcomed by many
    on MIA.Some will say that I am racist,or anti-semitic.Really I am,crazy slavic guy with benefictial madness.
    I always wrote ultimative truth,sadly it’s not defence anywhere in this world.

    Please don’t delete my comment here,Author or MIA.

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