“Rutgers Professor Taken for Pysch Evaluation by NYPD After Political Tweets”


“According to Allred’s tweets from Tuesday night, the New York Police Department visited him at home to investigate ‘political statements’ he made ‘on campus and on Twitter.’ They then took him to Belleville Hospital to be evaluated, where he says doctors labeled the situation ‘ridiculous.’ According to Allred, one doctor pointed out that politicians say more inflamatory things on live TV with no repercussions.”

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  1. In a world where Trump has been publicly diagnosed ‘sane’ by top US Psychiatrist, Allen Frances (‘Trump is Breaking Bad, Not Clinically Mad’), anything could happen. The chilling thing for me about this incident is not that this guy was forced to undergo an unwanted psych-evaluation for a misinterpreted tweet – anyone paying attention knows that can happen – it’s that the public seems happy to trust the judgement of Psychiatry to interpret the intention behind a tweet. This guy got lucky – he made a political statement that chimed with the views of the doctor (presumably psychiatrist), who then declared the situation “ridiculous”. But what about someone who makes a political statement about Psychiatry? Not so lucky, I fear.

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