“Should You Tell Work About Your Mental Health Condition?”


For Vice, Hannah Ewens explores how employers react to depression and anxiety in their employees. “In a fair world, employers wouldn’t judge you for having a condition, and anyone who has an illness would have access to some form of work – which often helps with self-esteem and managing an illness – if they wanted that. But we’re far from this being a reality, particularly in an economy in which employers don’t want to take perceived risks on people they deem as sick – or, even worse, unproductive.”

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  1. And their solution? “Mental health teams” who spy on you at work…funnel you into the system. Okay, maybe “spy” is strong, but knowing what I know about psychiatry, I do not want to talk to a “counselor” at work.

    The times I’ve participated in “workplace mental health” programs (I’ve always been open about my diagnosis, as my sleep patterns go askew) – they’ve been 6 sessions of CBT “think positive!” programs…worthless.

    I’m with Nomadic. I reckon that my emotional and mental state is nobody’s business. Not a doctor’s, and not my boss.

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