“The Miseducation of Frank Waln”


Studies of modern Native Americans have shown that “historical trauma,” the name that social workers give to the perception of historical loss passed down through generations, has been linked to symptoms of emotional distress like anger, anxiety, substance abuse, and even depression. Waln remembers grappling with these manifestations even as a child. “It was very confusing to me,” he says. “I was wondering why I was struggling with depression all the time, why I had suicidal thoughts, why the suicide rate was so high on our reservation. I was very insecure.”

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  1. Thanks for this!
    This area of need has been put under the nation’s rug for way too long!
    The abuse that happened in the boarding schools much less the whole history of the First Nation people since the colonization of
    Western Europe
    I think sadly of Michael Dorris who died too soon
    He was a wonderful writer
    Please send this to Sherman Alexi
    he his the only other – not including Standing Rock folk- First Nation person that I am aware of that has some influence in the world as it is
    Also a shut out to the memory of Jim Thorpe
    May MIA and others join with the First Nation people’s and all of the disenfranchised groups in our country to help advocate for help for the hurting in all ways shape and form

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