High University Debts Cause Students Mental Health Problems


From The Independent: Debts accumulated during university years are so high that students are suffering from mental health problems. A recent survey found that three-quarters of students who receive maintenance loans feel stressed about their debt, with over a third (39 percent) reporting that they struggle to afford food.

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  1. See their we go, another cause and effect problem here! They “chose” to take loans for college and they feel stress now that they have to pay them back! Now they are “suffering from mental health problems” because of it! This is the kind of thing that makes psychiatry look ridiculous! What the obvious reference here is, we are all mentally ill if we have stress over a problem we created! Were hoodwinked by the college you went to and now have a mental illness dealing with the stress of paying back the loans and your degree is worthless! For this to be a mental illness, is to say that they were mentally ill to get themselves in that situation or it is better to blame the students and label them than to tell them the truth. It’s is normal to be angry about your situation and justifiable to have an issue with the College rather than blaming the student and not the institution for not preparing you for what you went there for! Anger/stress/depression because of a situation you naively got yourself into or got taken advantage of, is not a mental illness, it is a way to for the college to protect itself from the wrath of a generation of people! Screw them over then say they have a mental illness? Take or refuse their chronic pain meds and tell them it is because they have an incurable disease because they drank to much 30 years ago? Psychiatry is being used like useful idiots for political and powerful economic reasons. We See You!

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