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  1. This was a good article with useful information that people should read and incorporate into their own lives.

    However, they should incorporate it within their own lives by themselves, and not end up in therapy programs so someone can incorporate it for them. That’s where the problem starts.

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  2. Same old BS from psychiatry: label people “‘pathological’ worriers” with only support from a strong affirmation bias and without any biological support. Same old BS from psychiatry: assume that unusual worrying is a medical problem instead of natural emotional suffering from (natural) fear of repetitive (unresolved) distressful experiences (a social welfare problem).

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  3. *Biological* Psychiatry have nothing to do with Biology.They will never claim,that human hormones are real
    and main biological reason for havoc in human brains,which 21 st century *science* still name as *Mental* Illness.Sadly people on MIA aren’t doing any favor to global crazy population,with emotional-psychological
    explains for our problems.Speaking only for my-self here and *crazies* section on MIA,not for writters or normals on MIA blogs.I am very dissapointed,that only weapon against Mental Health System-Biology isn’t used by MIA and this is a big favor for System,which kills 2 millions of people each year!And favor for Biological Psychiatry and BIG PHARMA!Anti-psychiatry movement should transform it-self into anti-Mental Health movement.Anyone,who don’t agree with me is here as proxy agent of NIMH,or APA!Or he/she was totaly
    brainwashed by anti-psychiatry activists.Listen my fellow crazies-Start with movement Occupy NIMH!And
    let Psychologists and Psychiatrists,keeps their *classification* manuals amoung The Fairy Tales,because both professions are against Biology and Evolution!

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