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  1. Same old BS from psychiatry: label people “‘pathological’ worriers” with only support from a strong affirmation bias and without any biological support. Same old BS from psychiatry: assume that unusual worrying is a medical problem instead of natural emotional suffering from (natural) fear of repetitive (unresolved) distressful experiences (a social welfare problem).

  2. *Biological* Psychiatry have nothing to do with Biology.They will never claim,that human hormones are real
    and main biological reason for havoc in human brains,which 21 st century *science* still name as *Mental* Illness.Sadly people on MIA aren’t doing any favor to global crazy population,with emotional-psychological
    explains for our problems.Speaking only for my-self here and *crazies* section on MIA,not for writters or normals on MIA blogs.I am very dissapointed,that only weapon against Mental Health System-Biology isn’t used by MIA and this is a big favor for System,which kills 2 millions of people each year!And favor for Biological Psychiatry and BIG PHARMA!Anti-psychiatry movement should transform it-self into anti-Mental Health movement.Anyone,who don’t agree with me is here as proxy agent of NIMH,or APA!Or he/she was totaly
    brainwashed by anti-psychiatry activists.Listen my fellow crazies-Start with movement Occupy NIMH!And
    let Psychologists and Psychiatrists,keeps their *classification* manuals amoung The Fairy Tales,because both professions are against Biology and Evolution!