The Dangers of Using the Club Drug Ketamine for Depression


From TIME: The club drug ketamine has been found in some small studies to help treat people categorized as having treatment-resistant depression. However, while ketamine has a strong immediate antidepressant effect, researchers still have questions about the long-term efficacy and safety of the drug.

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  1. You wouldn’t want to use B1 for depression, because you use several hundred times the 1mg. RDA per day, say those doctors who are always warning us about using multiple grams of C per day for virus control and eradication.

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  2. Charles Nemeroff, the hypocrite, speaks on this thing. It’s okay to hook people on anti-depressants, he says, but hooking them on a club drug, Special K, is another thing, er, not when he doesn’t acknowledge the addictive qualities of anti-depressants. The U of Miami should have followed Emory’s lead, and not hired this joker Nemeroff. We don’t need another drug company drug pusher telling us what drugs to push. Pushing drugs is problematic in itself.

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