DARPA’s Brain Chip Implants: Breakthrough or Total Disaster?


From Gizmodo: Some researchers believe that deep brain stimulation – a surgical procedure involving the implantation of electrodes that send electrical signals to specific areas of the brain – could be the next big breakthrough in mental health treatment. However, the procedure is not free from risky side effects and serious ethical dilemmas.

“Then there is the array of ethical questions that brain technologies like DBS inspire. Does inserting a chip into someone’s brain to mediate their brain circuitry change their identity? Might it, eventually, lead to the ability to simply treat ourselves when feeling blue, a sort of high-tech take on Aldous Huxley’s soma? Could you use a DBS device to hack into someone’s brain? Or control them? Or enhance them? Is it potentially dangerous in the wrong hands?”

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  1. First a success , Then a failure.

    Sheila Cook, 62, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/8279576/British-woman-cured-of-deep-depression-by-pioneering-surgery.html

    ” This (DeepBrainStimulation) worked for a month or two but soon the suicidal thoughts returned.

    In February 2010, Mrs Cook was asked if she would trial an even newer form of treatment – Anterior Cingulotomy (GTAC) that involved burning out connections in the brain that were too active. ”

    First a success , Then a failure.

    Chantal Remeny alive in 2006 thanks to successful DBS.

    Chantal Remeny dead in 2009
    “Rob Matte had to have the procedure (DBS) done a second time after the first caused such a severe infection that doctors put him on an antibiotic drip for eight months. ” http://www.newsweek.com/health-corners-mind-114671
    and of course Mad in Americas article by Danielle Egan

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    This is their *War* on Mental Illness!Era of human-cyborgs is before us!And era of laser lobotomies!And era of biochemical *detection* of *madness*-serotonin and dopamine urine and blood tests!This gonna be your fate
    my crazy brethren from USA and only anti-Mental Health movement and your participation in it,will prevent such
    insane future!!!

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  3. What made Murphy depressed originally–environmentally or bad lifestyle choices–still exists. What will she do when the “high” from the electrodes in her brain wears off? Get more and more electrical stimulation, causing worse brain damage? Or simple curl up and succumb to the depression she failed to deal with originally?

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