In a Traumatised World, is Psychedelic Therapy our Best Hope?


From VolteFace Magazine: MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can play a major role in helping people heal from the effects of trauma.

“The results really are incredible and I’ve had the privilege of watching the tapes of the sessions and seeing that the healing process is about understanding your trauma and understanding why you’re acting how you are. It’s not about feeling like you’re this messed up person who wasn’t tough enough. And it really is essential that the healing process comes from the individual and that’s why the methodology of our MDMA therapy is so powerful – two therapists provide a safe space to allow the individual to lead the session and use, what the therapist describes as, their ‘inner-healing intelligence’. It’s a very empowering process; in large part, I think, because the healing is coming from within; someone else isn’t fixing you.”

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  1. How Does It Work:-

    “…MDMA, well known for it’s recreational use at clubs and festivals, has another side entirely. The positive feeling that the drug elicits, and which makes it so attractive to party-goers, can also be channelled therapeutically, allowing people to recall negative experiences without the fear or anxiety which would normally accompany them, giving people a safe space to confront and overcome their PTSD….”


    “…..Natalie Ginsberg from MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, thinks that a thread of trauma runs through all of these phenomena. And the key to unlock this trauma, returning compassion and balance to individuals and society? – MDMA…”

    Is this is what the Shamans do?

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