Big Pharma Might Be Intentionally Confusing You


From Benzinga: The FDA has suggested that drug commercials may intentionally list potential side effects in such a rapid-fire, overwhelming way that the warning messages get lost and overlooked by viewers.

“The FDA requires Big Pharma to list warnings that get read out ad nauseam (there’s probably a drug for that), and the drug companies comply to a fault, often listing what seems like a stream-of-consciousness, rapid-fire litany of scary things so they get subliminally lost.”

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  1. Some people are forced to take that crap–even at needlepoint. Others, like I was, are deceived into thinking these drugs are necessary to treat fictitious neuro-chemical imbalances.

    The question no one is asking: if these drugs are so effective at treating behavioral problems and preventing violence why is it worse than ever? 40 years ago these toxins did not exist; now shooting sprees have multiplied everywhere.

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