Corrupt Health Care Practices Drive Up Costs and Fail Patients


From The Huffington Post: Corruption is insidiously pervasive in our healthcare system and dramatically increases our health expenditures. Patients are increasingly being given unnecessary treatments due to the profit-driven nature of U.S. healthcare.

“…our increasingly corporatized health care system is driven by an insatiable appetite for profit. Our health care system is no longer about relieving the suffering of patients or the intrinsic value of maintaining the health of our population. It’s about making money: for pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, hospitals, insurance companies, and increasingly, for doctors. And all of these players are gaming the system and hurting patients in the process.”

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  1. Looking up my doctors in the Dollars for Docs database by Propublica was very illuminating. I discovered one of my (now previous) doctors is a “thought leader” and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from drug and device manufacturers. Several other of my doctors have received tens of thousands. Illuminating, but also was another nail in the coffin of my eroding trust in the healthcare system.

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