Colleges Get Proactive in Addressing Depression on Campus


From The New York Times: The number of college students with mental health concerns is rapidly increasing, straining many universities’ mental health and counseling centers. Colleges are carrying out research into the complex causes of student distress and developing new interventions to reach larger numbers of students, including online mental health modules, peer support, art therapy carts, and sober living houses.

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  1. Hmmm… more and more college students are taking psychiatric drugs, yet the number of students with “mental health concerns” is rapidly increasing. Ya’d think all that “treatment” would drive the numbers down instead of up. What could be going on here? Of course, no one will really ask that question.

    — Steve

  2. Actually, the article is kind of disturbing. First, they blame “fear of stigma” for African-Americans not seeking out counseling, overlooking the more obvious explanation that on the balance, they are less likely to trust any institution and that the “mental health system” doesn’t feel at all helpful to them. It also avoids the rather obvious question of why more “treated” kids have more problems with anxiety and depression by claiming that “treatment has allowed more kids with mental health issues” to enroll in college. They really don’t seem to have a clue, but they’re going to keep operating on their misguided beliefs.

    • Yes, it is disturbing, doing everything possible to distract people from, and ignore, the elephant in the room, “more and more college students are taking psychiatric drugs, yet the number of students with ‘mental health concerns’ is rapidly increasing. Ya’d think all that ‘treatment’ would drive the numbers down instead of up.” Ya’d think, but nah, that wouldn’t be profitable.

  3. I don’t think they should be turning colleges into mental institution, if someone has a problem get help off campus. Headline after headline the rising cost of college education

    I want to send my children to college not an expensive mental institution, I have such a desire to use cuss words here but what the F ?????

    Lets look up the defintion of college,

    An educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training. ‘colleges of further education’ ‘I’m at college, studying graphic design’

    Any of the independent institutions into which certain universities are separated, each having its own teaching staff, students, and buildings.

    Where does it say includes on site mental institution ?

    These “kids” mostly all have heath insurance so why the hell should any of the cost of a college tuition go toward paying for mental health services ?

    Why don’t we have on campus dental services and abortion clinics too wile we are at it ?

    Politics and the comments about it are so worn out after the 2016 election but the liberals won’t be happy till their nanny state socialist vision turns everything into a Venezuelan style “utopia”.

    “More than 700 people have signed; many have left comments about their personal experiences trying to get counseling at college. “I’m signing because if a kid in crisis needs help they should not have to wait,” one wrote.

    Go to the ER, go on Google and search out a doctor or counseling center that takes your insurance, WTF ?? If you have a damn tooth ache are you going to sign a petition and bitch about the lack of on campus dental services or go online and look for a dentist ???

    So far millennials are the stupidest generation in history, Gen Z better wake up or we are all in trouble.