Is Mindfulness Meditation Good for Kids?


From Vox: Mindfulness-based interventions are increasingly being introduced in schools and touted as helpful methods of reducing students’ anxiety and attention problems. However, the research on mindfulness as a mental health intervention is still relatively limited, with many unanswered questions about its effectiveness.

“The relatively few studies we have on mindfulness in schools suggest a generally positive effect on decreasing anxiety and increasing cognitive performance. But the hype around mindfulness also seems to be outpacing the science, especially when it comes to teaching these practices to children.”

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  1. The students are stressed out because they have too much to do. The one student interviewed had two part-time jobs, was doing tutoring and taking driving lessons. Now she also needs to learn better breathing techniques and meditation??? Maybe they should be telling students to be more realistic about how much they can handle and their lives would be less stressful. When my kids were in school we didn’t expect them to work during the school year, going to school should be enough work for a teenager.

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