Missouri Sued for Over-Drugging Foster Children


From Reuters: Two youth legal advocacy groups have filed a lawsuit against Missouri for over-exposing foster children to psychotropic drugs. The lawsuit seeks a court order requiring Missouri to enact stricter measures to guard against over-drugging in the foster system and to ensure that foster children’s informed consent is obtained and documented.

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  1. “ensure that foster children’s informed consent is obtained and documented.”

    It is the crazy world of “it’s got electrolytes”/idiocracy 2006 film.

    Children can not give ” informed consent “. They have no choice for one thing, for a second, children can not enter into legal agreements as they are under the age OF consent.

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  2. The huge problem is that there is no way to guard against “overmedication” because there is NO OBJECTIVE STANDARD for when “medication” is needed.

    Hey, I just thought of a new word: “mendication.” It combines “medication” with “mendacity” (the intentional telling of lies to deceive or mislead). What do y’all think?

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