The Virtual Couch: Is Online Therapy Going Viral?


From Alternet: Applications that provide online counseling, such as BetterHelp and Talkspace, are increasing in popularity. While some studies support the effectiveness of virtual therapy, many professionals have expressed concerns about the ethics of this approach.

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  1. You have to wonder about “therapists” who prefer to deal with people at arms length in an online format. I have always thought people seek connection with others and that they want to have a real relationship that can serve as a source of comfort, a safe space from where changes can be explored and a practice ground for how they relate. I am obviously out of touch – people’s difficulties cannot be mediated through a relationship. All they need to be taught via text is that their thinking is way too negative and to breath correctly when they get “triggered” and we can be sure that they won’t “relapse”

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  2. The therapy culture is and has always been garbage that prevents people from getting real and tangible solutions to their problems.

    You want to help people? Stop doing degrees in psychology and handing out useless sessions of listening and talking.

    Give money or a job to those who are suicidal due to a lack of employment or money. Get kids out of abusive homes and get them justice etc.

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