Mental Health, Inc.


From Kirkus Reviews: In his new book Mental Health, Inc., Art Levine reports on the dire state of the U.S. mental health system.

“The author delivers the statistics in a harrowing introductory chapter that spotlights the dangers lurking in the ‘low quality and sometimes deadly care’ that is becoming the standard for those seeking treatment. Levine reinforces his pleas for reform with profiles and true stories of everyone from young children to military vets with PTSD to nursing home communities, all left at the mercy of mental illness by a health care system rampant with weak regulatory oversight, maltreatment, and reckless off-label drug prescriptions. With scores of victims remaining oversedated and often neglected by an inferior, ‘out-of-control, profit-driven’ network, the decades of appeals for reform Levine cites duly reflect just how ‘little has fundamentally changed in how we treat people with serious mental illness.'”

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