New Hope for Depression


In this piece forĀ TIME, Mandy Oaklander provides a comprehensive review of the current status of and potential future directions forĀ the depression treatment industry. The article explores the pluses and minuses of various new treatments for depression, including the use of ketamine, and also describesĀ non-drug approaches including exercise, CBT, and behavioral-activation therapy.


  1. This Time article is just a very sophisticated regurgitation of Biological Psychiatry’s Disease/Drug Based Medical Model. It repeats every fraudulent lie about psychiatric drugs and the so-called “chemical imbalance” theory. It shows how Big Pharma and Psychiatry are now moving on to develop Ketamine type drugs as a “new frontier” in depression “treatment.”

    All this just shows how deeply embedded Biological Psychiatry is in our culture and within the consciousness of the masses. There are two “realities” out there as to what defines “mental illness” and the ways to address problems of psychological distress.

    This scientific and political duality is connected to, and very similar, to the different or “alternative facts” and “realities” between those who support and believe Trump, and those who oppose this developing Fascist trend.

    It is becoming more and more apparent that it may take an actual Civil War to somehow resolve this growing division in society. Big Pharma and Biological Psychiatry have simply become “too big and powerful to fail.”


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  2. Appalling article. They spend most of the article talking about “depression genes” and “treatment-resistant depression” and the “new breakthroughs” that are “just around the corner,” just as we’ve heard since Benzedrine came to the market back in the 60s. They toss in a few “other things you can do” at the end but they feel like an afterthought. They also comment on the STAR-D study as if there were no methodological issues with it, despite lots of criticism even from the mainstream. No comment section, either. I wonder of one of our respected professionals can write a letter to the editor to complain of the one-sided and disingenuous treatment of the subject?

    —- Steve

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  3. The title of the article should read “The drug industry purchased our “research” and politics guided out proclamation of “hope”. But the blind that are following the money hounds (mental health industry) and looking for a quick, easy way of addressing problems. Never mind that these approaches don’t work and aren’t even based in reality.
    It is nothing short of amazing to watch the loyalty to lies and abuse by a “profession” keep building momentum. One can understand how the Reich gained it’s inroads. Terrifying.

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