Shocking Rise of NHS Abuse of Mental Health Patients


From The Sun: Reports of abuse against NHS mental health patients hit a record high last year. In 2016, almost 200 cases related to the alleged abuse of patients, and over a thousand complaints were made about the quality of care, including problems with medication and delays.

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    Email Sent by Me to a Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital on
    July 11 2016 at 17:14

    Dear Dr X

    I have an appointment on this week at Moorfields.

    I applied for my notes earlier in the year.

    I see in these notes that following the interview of March 15, 2012 you sent out a letter in which you said that I was taking Seroquel for “Psychiatric Problems”. I wrote to you at the time explaining my situation – but I DON’T see my explanation in the notes I received.

    Would you please look up the prescription of Seroquel 25mg per day in your manual – (as far as I know Seroquel at this level is not suitable for any Psychiatric Problem).

    MH Misrepresentation is something I’m coming across again and again at Moorfields. If you look at nearly any MH drug information sheet you can see reference to MH medication and eye damage. When I state my personal experience of this damage to doctors at Moorfields I notice negative MH comments going onto my notes. Please STOP doing this.

    (I notice Dr X of the Western Eye Hospital, has also misrepresented in the notes).

    I had an interview with X (Nurse) prior to going to Barts where I mentioned drug induced heart rythm. At Barts I had an interview with a younger nurse where I explained my historical drug reactions. And I showed a letter from a (previous) Irish doctor now an Experienced Psychiatrist, acknowledging suicidal drug reaction and Misdiagnosis. I can’t find either of these interviews in the notes.

    1980 – 1984 I was exposed to psychotropic medications for several years. These medications were causing suicidal reaction and disabling side effects (extrapyramidal).

    1984 – 2016 I made longterm recovery as a result of stopping medications (carefully) and moving to Psychotherapy.

    As a doctor you might not approve of Recovery through the Talking Treatments, as it shows up the expense and failure of the medical approach – but this is the way things have been for me.

    I don’t know why Moorfields objects strongly to hearing about Psychotropic eye damage – it is acknowledged by drug manufacturers.

    Yours Sincerely