Why Having a Bad Job is Worse Than Having No Job


From Big Think: New research suggests that having a stressful, badly paid, or unstable job may be worse for people’s mental health than being unemployed.

“Focusing on how job transitions affect health, sociologists monitored 1116 unemployed British adults who didn’t have a job in 2009-2010, and discovered that those who ended up finding good jobs had improved mental health. But those who found stressful, badly paid or unstable jobs showed no improvement in their mental health and, in fact, physical indicators of chronic stress were worse in such people than in those who stayed unemployed.”

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    • Not for the modern slaves working in sheltered workshops. They don’t work for money. They are constantly brained washed about how wonderful, healthy and improves mental health to work at terrible unpaid jobs they hate.
      Big surprise- it’s another lie of psychiatrists slave traders.
      This slavery is actually deteriorating their mental health.

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