Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think


FromĀ Scientific American: Many articles and papers equate the experience of consciousness with awareness. However, the reality is thatĀ it is possible to experience consciousness without being aware; there is a difference between consciousness, which does not require awareness, and meta-consciousness, or the conscious knowledge of an experience.

“Consciousness may never ariseā€”be it in babies, toddlers, children or adultsā€”because it mayĀ alwaysĀ be there to begin with. For all we know, what arises is merely a metacognitiveĀ configurationĀ of preexisting consciousness. If so, consciousness may be fundamental in natureā€”an inherent aspect of every mental process, not a property constituted or somehow generated by particular physical arrangements of the brain. Claims, grounded in subjective reports of experience, of progress toward reducing consciousness to brain physiology may have littleā€”if anythingā€”to do with consciousness proper, but with mechanisms of metacognition instead.”

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